Andrew Bailey Architects

A design led practice established
in 1995, We are RIBA Conservation
registered architects with offices
in barnsley and belfast.

Other Services



Planning Consultancy


Andrew Bailey works closely with Davenport Consultancy who provide Engineering and Planning advice on all Development Control Matters. In particular they specialise in Planning Justification Statements including Sequential tests, Design and Access Statements, Flood Risk Assessment, Planning Appeals and the discharge of conditions.

Quantity Surveying - Pre Contract Services


Our range of pre contract services includes:-

  • Cost plans/estimates and capital expenditure budgets
  • Option studies
  • Option and feasibility studies
  • Procurement and contract strategy advice
  • Advice on specific procurement procedures
  • Preparation of procurement documentation including bills of quantities, specifications, schedules of work, builder quantities and material quantities/schedules.
  • Tender procedure and management
  • Bid evaluation, reporting, negotiation and award

Quantity Surveying - Post Contract Services


Our range of post contract services includes:-

  • Variation pricing and negotiation 
  • Cash flow monitoring and prediction 
  • Recommending payments on account
  • Regular financial reporting
  • Final account preparation, negotiation and settlement

Topograhical Surveying



Structural Engineering



Drainage & Highways Engineering